JVB Injectin®,
a device for subcutaneous administration of drugs

We would like to present to you a new medical device for subcutaneous and intracavernous administration of drugs, by using a syringe. It is JVB Injectin®.
JVB Injectin® is essentially different from existing devices. It features a completely new approach in the manner of administration of drugs. It has caused great interest of diabetes patients taking insulin therapy on a regular basis, above all children and elderly people, persons with erectile dysfunction, and all others who apply subcutaneous injection therapy in their treatment.

JVB Injectin®

Advantages of JVB Injectin®: JVB Injectin® has made a huge qualitative step in treatment of many diseases, allowing comfortable adaptation to the drug in subcutaneous injection therapy.
Improve the quality of your life. It's not late!

JVB Injectin® is a registered trademark of JVB Company