JVB Injectin®
Medical device
for subcutaneous administration of drugs:
insulin, growth hormone, heparin, prostaglandin...

Advantages in subcutaneous administering of drugs:
  • painless
  • concealed needle
  • precise adjustment of needle penetration depth
  • maximal security
  • high reliability
  • easy operation
  • increase of motivation for accepting of injection therapy
Extraordinary suitability:
  • for children and adults using drug mixtures in subcutaneous injection therapy
  • for diabetes patients who change from per-oral therapy (pills) to subcutaneous injection therapy
  • for elderly persons who, due to eyesight disturbances or functioning of fingers, as well as other disturbances, when using existing devices, cannot take drugs safely and comfortably by themselves, i.e. unaided
  • for persons with erectile dysfunction
  • for administration of vaccines
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JVB Injectin® is a registered trademark of JVB Company